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Empowering Mums To Design & Live the Life They Dream Of

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Hello, I'm Chrissi, life coach to the Mums of the world. I am also a mum to 5, a wife to my soul mate, an NLP Practioner, a dream follower, hat hat juggler. Reading and running keep me sane!

I am on a mission to help mums around the world design and live the life they dream of.

Why? Because mums are amazing.


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Being a mum can be tough!

With babies you are on call 24/7, then there is school, making sure PE Kits are ready, Water bottles, costumes - whatever they need! Plus you have after school clubs, play dates, birthday parties. You also have washing, housework, relatives to visit, food to buy, meals to cook -  the list is exhausting! All this normally comes before mum's time, mum's health, mum's dreams and I haven't even mentioned earning money yet.

This is why so many mums suffer with stress, anxiety and burn out! I can remember a time when I thought that if it wasn't for the stress holding me together I would completely fall apart.  Luckily I found coaching, mindfulness, meditation and running! Now I do less, get more done and help other mums create their balance by following their hearts.

All to often us mums are reaching 30, 40 or even 50 without reaching or even moving towards our dreams. It took me over ten years to follow my dream.  You can read my story here. Life does not have to be that way and life should not be that way.

You CAN follow your dreams right now!

You are here and that tells me you have a dream! You have a dream worth pursuing, and a dream you can grasp with both hands and a passion that lights a fire in your belly. It is absolutely possible to live that dream and be an amazing mum.


Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

If you have decided to settle no longer, to  make the changes you desire and to live the life you dream of  then a life coach can help you do exactly that!

Is LifD for me?

  • Are you overwhelmed with life? Do you feel like there is more 'stuff' than time?
  • Do you have virtually no mum time?
  • Do you have a business idea to launch or a business to boost to new heights?
  • Are you juggling hats so quickly they could all tumble down at any moment?
  • Do you have a dream? A dream so big it scares the life out of you?
  • Are you working all the time and never seem to finish?
  • Is your work/life balance all out of whack?

Yes? Then LifD is for you.

I offer three programmes. All different, all bespoke, all supportive and all providing...

  • Empowerment - You have got this!
  • Clarity
  • Mindset tools
  • Focus
  • Plans and Reviews
  • Confidence boosters
  • Cutting Edge business Tips
  • And sooooo much more!

LifD is all about support. It's about providing you with a safe place where you can dig deep, find those dreams, design that life and live fabulously ever after.

LifD coaching is also about the crappy stuff - exploring your fears, switching your negative self talk and banishing your limiting mindsets.

LifD is about you. You are the only one who knows your dreams completely, you are the only one who can design your life perfectly and you are the only one with the power to make your dreams your reality.

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Life Designing Mums is a supportive facebook group, where I share powerful life tips, tricks and hacks to enable you to banish stress, conquer your to do list and bring your dreams to life!