Clarity – What it is? Why is it important? How to get it!

What is Clarity?

When setting goals, new intentions, developing your road map clarity is needed first. It is the first step we take in The Powerful Movement Challenge and it should be your first step too.

Clarity is knowing  exactly what you want, desire and how this fits with your values, higher-self and the world around you. It enables you to create life-changing goals. Goals that will pull you towards them, goals you can visualise and goals you are excited to achieve no matter how hard the road ahead.

I have recently read an inspiring story by Anita Moorjani, it is her true account of life, cancer, a near death experience and rapid healing. Her book warmed my heart but it also highlights one of the biggest pitfalls in modern society – the need to fit in!

We are born perfect. Right now you are perfect, as am I – even if we don’t feel it. Yet, somehow society and judgement creeps into our mindset, We compare our self to others. We strive to be the normal ‘perfect’ person. In reality this is insane. We are all different, completely unique –  normal doesn’t exist and so strive to be what we think we should be, instead of following our dreams and embracing our gifts.

After years of conditioning from our parents, teachers, peers, the media we are left with a huge list of ‘wants’, ‘achievements’ we would like to meet and ‘things’ we would like to become. This list gets in our heads and creates a fog-like, jumbled-up mess. And so when we start to create goals we become overwhelmed and simply have no idea where we should start.

This is exactly why your need clarity before you begin. You need to know your talents and what lights you up. How you would like to impact the world. What makes you you. What is important to you.

If you want change you need to know what that looks like for you! Think of a footballer playing on a foggy day. If he cant see the goal how does he score? And if you cant see your dreams through the mind fog how will get there? By luck?

Clarity is your foundation for building your dreams. It is important you spend time finding yours. The clearer you are, the more solid your foundation. Then, as your dream builds it remains grounded, solid to the earth. It is unshakable, you are unshakable.

3 ways to find Clarity

Free Writing

Free writing is the easiest and quickest way to clear the mind fog we spoke out earlier in the post. Simply start with a pen and paper and ask yourself. What do I want? What would I like to achieve? Who do I want to become? And write..

Write quickly as ideas start to flow. Don’t think about presentation, spelling, grammar – none of that is important. By getting all the jumbled thoughts down you are clearing your mind, which will then enable you to focus on whats important. All you need to do is write, write honestly and keep going until the ideas stop.

Understand your Values

Values are the things you hold dear. The things you appreciate and the activities, subjects, past-times that light you up. One way to high these is to answer the two questions below. Spend time to answer each question and write as much details as possible. One question is about joy, positivity and happiness and the other is about frustration, negatively and anger. They are designed this way. By answering in detail it will highlight to you what you value and appreciate and what you dislike! Having clarity around your values means you can ensure your goals are aligned – making them attractive to you!

  1. Think of time you were frustrated and angry. What exactly happened? What made these emotions come to the surface?

  2. Think of a time you felt completely content, happy and calm. What exactly happened? What made your feel joy, content and happy?

Know where you are now…

Before starting out you need to know where you are right now – what is your starting spot.You need to know clearly what your life looks right now. You need clarity about your starting point on your own terms – how do you feel about your life? It is important to recognise that no matter where you are you are not wrong. This is simply where you are now. In order to find your path and directions you need to know your starting point. (Imagine google trying to direct you to the coast without know where you are)

Having clarity around your beginning  will also enable you to reflect and see how far you have come as you implement changes and move towards your goals. This is a brilliant way of keep motivation high, celebrating your journey and keeping your life in balance.

The wheel of life was first developed by Zig Ziglar (who is one of my heroes). The wheel contains 7 segments and each segment represents an area of your life. You rate each area out of ten and colour the segment according to your number – this gives you a visual representation of you feel about each area of your life. It will show you how balanced you feel your life is, which areas are stronger than others and will even show you where you feel you are weakest. Being able to see your life like gives you instant clarity. You can get the wheel by joining us in Life Designing Mums on facebook. This is a supportive, free group dedicated to the personal growth of mums – mind body and spirit, . Her I share personal growth tips, tricks, techniques, thoughts and life-hacks.

I cant wait to hear what ‘aha’ moments your clarity brings!

P.S Anita’s book is called ‘Dying to be Me’

P.P.S Come join the Life Designing Mum facebook group for even MORE hints, tips and life Hacks!

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