The Powerful Movement Challenge - live group coaching

Achieve ALL your 2018 goals without breaking the bank and even if you don't believe you can!

How would it feel to achieve all you goals this year - in all areas of your life.  Business/Health/Fitness/Family/Spiritual. What is it you REALLY want to achieve this year. I'm not talking about resolutions - I'm talking about real goals - the things YOU want and not the things you think you should do or the things other people want from you.

How do we achieve goals?

To achieve we must know what we want . Then we Align our desires and values, create empowering visions and statement then take action - creating the Powerful Movement!

This challenge gives you a bite-sized live coaching session every day for 33 days, personal one-to-one support and  a small daily task to inspire your dreams to life. Each session is recorded and available to you for the whole year! Perfect if you have a busy schedule, want to watch it again and/or want to start the process again as your dreams get bigger.

Through coaching I will personally guide you through cutting-edge coaching strategies,  NLP techniques and positive mindset mastery. You will be diving deep, designing goals and by the end be able to move forward with confidence.

I will share THE MOST powerful affirmation technique.

You will receive all course materials - workbooks, checklists, action plan templates. All you need to do is show up, be honest and commit to your dreams.

The investment for the course is £97.00
(My mentor went crazy when I told them. There is a huge amount of value) This Challenge gives you over 35 hours of coaching - that is a ridiculous  £2.80 an hour for expert coaching! All materials you need are included.

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Say Yes to your Goals, Dreams and Desires

Join our tribe of mums design your life and make it happen!

The Powerful Movement Process

Step 1

You will get to explore your core values, your desires, your passion and you will experience absolute clarity. For the first four days I will guide you through a proven coaching process and give all the resources you need. You may be surprised and amazed by what you uncover.

Step 2

You will then be given three different techniques you can use to create ultra powerful goals. The sort of goals that pull you towards them. Goals which don't feel hard and/or out of reach. (There is so much more to this than SMART goals)

Step 3

I will then provide a serious of coaching questions and worksheets which will highlight to you any obstacles, limiting beliefs and negative mindsets that have held you back in the past. (This can be an eye-opener)

Step 4

Using NLP techniques, meditation and affirmations you will shift these. Afterwards you will have confidence, focus and a renewed energy.

Step 5

Make your plan! I will be sharing two different ways you can do this. You can use either or both - depending on your personal preference. You will also create small steps and/or intentions to keep your motivation high and the movement powerful.

Step 6

It is over to you. To implement and reach your goals BUT you are NOT alone on this journey. When we change aspects of our lives 'stuff' and fear have a habit of popping up. I will continue to provide you with support in the group and privately and (most importantly) accountability for the rest of 2018.

DID YOU KNOW If you have someone to hold you accountable you have a 95% chance of reaching the goals, compared to a 50% chance of achieving if you don't. I want this to be YOUR year and so I will be on hand for the whole year. Each week I will be asking for your goals and at the end of each week we will explore what went well and what didn't. It is about love and support and when things don't go to plan you wont be hit over the head. We can explore why, tweak your action and you can go again.

The only way you fail is if you stop!

Are you ready to bring your 2018 goals to life? Say Yes to your dreams and JOIN us now...

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Say Yes to your Goals, Dreams and Desires

Design, Create and move powerfully to make 2018 YOUR best year yet.


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Get Confident



By Bridget Zyka

Bridget is a body positive activist, Mindset coach and Motivational Speaker. 'I describe myself as a Multipotentialite, having experience in various creative streams. I am former makeup Artist, Personal Stylist and also have a back ground in IT. I have always helped others and am passionate about Body Positivity. I help empower women to succeed and o be their best self, to follow their bliss. I take a holistic approach and help women find balance in today's busy world.'

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How to High Vibe


By Rhian Kivits

Rhian Kivits is a Spiritual development Mentor, Tarot & Crystal Consultant and Holistic Healer. 'I work with psychotherappeutic and mind-body-soul approaches to help women reach their highest potential and create the prosperous, fulfilling lives they desire and deserve.  I am passionate about spiritual growth and the wonderful world of energy and magic.'

Chrissi King smiling

One-to-One Personal Support

From Me, Chrissi King

I am the founder of Life is for Designing a certified coach and a cheerleader to all mums. I combine my personal experience, life-changing coaching techniques and NLP skills to provide all my clients with the very best experience. I know that every person is different and on their own unique path in life, which I why I don't offer advice - I give you the tools you need to unlock your true potential and to uncover all the resources available. I take a very honest, holistic and supportive approach to coaching. Change can bring up all sorts of limiting beliefs, hidden fears and negative mindsets - all of which can be daunting. I am on hand to help, privately via messenger.


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Design, Create Powerful Goals and make 2018 YOUR best year yet.


There is no dropping the ball or loosing your resolutions this year!

A Few 2017 Members...



'Thank you for the amazing value you have given through The Powerful Movement Challenge. I found the course very thought provoking, soul searching and long over due quality time out for me to just 'be' and to stop and think about what I want, my dreams and desires.  I felt supported, challenged but also comfortable and confident to share and engage.'


'I really enjoyed The Powerful Movement Challenge it helped me get focused on my goals and I know where I need to focus my time on my business. The facebook Lives videos were really useful. The goal setting video was really clear showing a different yet effective approach to goal setting. thank you for creating this amazing programme'

Cherrie Carruthers


'Enlightened and honest. Chrissi enabled me to clear the fog and indecision that was holding me back. Thanks to her I am now clear and focused. She is totally amazing

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The doors to The Powerful Movement Challenge close on the 15th January. This is the ONLY time it will run in 2018. Grab YOUR spot NOW

'If you are looking for Real Support and Real Focus from an honest lady, then Chrissi is most definitely the one. She is uplifting, supportive and quite frankly she cares from the heart. Thank you Chrissi my goals and intentions are underway' Tania