LifD Mission

To help 1,000,000 Mums around the world live the life they dream of by 2028!

Our children learn more from what we do than what we say. If we want our children to follow their dreams we must follow our own!  - Chrissi King

My Story

My journey surprises people. It was long road with bouts of depression, job struggles and a complete loss of confidence but this is the journey that shaped me into the supportive, compassionate and straight-talking, life Coach that I am today.

I was 23 years of age, I had two beautiful children, I worked fulltime as a Telesales Team Manager and I had just met the man of my dreams.

I was also introduced to an amazing lady, Kath Horton she is the founder of Turning Factor,  which is an incredible training company. She took myself and the team through NLP based sales training, call coaching sessions and mindset techniques. It was great - I felt energized, amazed and excited. The more I learnt the more I wanted to learn. I remember Kath telling me I was incredibly lucky that I had found my passion at such a young age. I decided there and then I wanted to be a life and business coach and studied on to become an NLP practitioner.

Fast forward 10 years, I had recently 'dumb-downed' my CV to secure a job that was boring, mundane and repetitive. My income only just paid the bills. I had 4 children, a huge baby bump and a complete melt down.

I remember one day in particular, as if it was yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day outside. My husband was fixing the shed roof, the children were happily playing in the garden and I spent the whole day in bed. I had a huge knot in my tummy and tears streaming down my face. I felt terrible, completely lost and convinced I had failed everyone. I felt extra guilty because my husband and children were all amazing and I was in bed feeling sorry for myself. I hid away. I was distraught by how awful I felt.

I have no idea how but later that day an advert popped up on my phone. It was like someone, somewhere was pushing me back to where I was supposed to be. The advert was for a course, 'NLP LIFE COACH'. I suddenly remembered how much coaching, NLP and psychology lit me up. The course was perfect and it was mainly online - I could do this with a baby at home! I signed up there and then.

The next day I was excited but anxious too. My anxiety, fears and lack of confidence trickled doubt into my mind, 'You will never be able to do this', 'No one will want coaching from you' and 'Don't be silly, this isn't you'

I persevered. It took me four months of working through the course, working on myself, reading a tonne of books, watching Ted talks, motivation videos and 4 months of affirmations to get me confident enough to tell my husband what I was doing. He believed in me 100%.  He wasn't the only one. I invested in a couple of coaches of my own. They believed in me too. I remember thinking it was so strange that people actually thought I could do this. They never questioned my ability once.

I finished the course and I believed in me too.

I knew who I wanted as my clients - MUMS! More and more of us mums are reaching 30, 40 and even 50 without realising their dreams. We feel over-whelmed, judged and often loose our confidence. My mission is to stop this happening.

I think being a mum is the hardest job in the world. Each parent and child are completely unique and there is no hard and fast rule book to help us out. There is plenty of 'shoulds' and guides out there but no mum or child fit in to one box - making the conflicting advice confusing and sometimes it is paralyzing. Being a mum changes our physiology, psychology (There's a very good reason for baby brain), our emotions/hormones and quite often our goals.
I want to create an environment where mums flourish in their own way, live by their own values and follow their dreams. It is completely possible to live out your dreams and be an amazing mum.

My favorite quote of all time comes from Coco Chanel...

'Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself'

Chrissi King

This very quote gave me my most light bulb moment. I created Life is for Designing especially for mums. I know each and everyone of us have a unique talent and a gift for the world, we also have incredible strength and we are destined to follow our dreams.

Once I started doing things my way I gained an unstoppable momentum. I kept going, I kept moving forward. The more steps I could the more I found I could take (even the extra scary ones) I designed LifD coaching my way! I created content, wrote courses and most importantly told people what I was doing -  I was creating a GLOBAL coaching practice ESPECIALLY FOR MUMS!

And now.... I help mums get unstuck from daily routine, to banish the fears, anxiety and to move forward the way they choose to. I support mums to design, boost and sky-rocket their businesses. I enable mums to live the life they dream of.

Are you ready to live the life you dream of?

If you have changes - no matter how big or small, life coaching can help. As your coach I will empower you, enable to you dig deep and ask those questions you friends don't.

Everyone has a gift to share with the world and YOU are no different!

You can start today by booking a session or by joining our Life Designing Mum tribe. Come and connect with us in our friendly support group where I share hints, tips and Life Hacks for FREE!